Transaction Limit
Transfer To &
From Wallets
Per TransactionNPR 25,000/-
DailyNPR 100,000/-
MonthlyNPR 1,000,000/-
Mobile Money
Fund Transfer
Per TransactionNPR 300,000/-
DailyNPR 300,000/-
MonthlyNPR 2,000,000/-
ATM cash
Per TransactionNPR 25,000/-
DailyNPR 100,000/-
MonthlyNPR 400,000/-
Laxmi Sunrise iBank
Fund Transfer
Per TransactionNPR 2,000,000/-
DailyNPR 2,000,000/-
MonthlyNPR 5,000,000/-
Credit Card
Cash (Withdrawal)
10% of Total Credit Limit

Banking on the go

Manage your Bank Account on the move and around the clock with the Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money Mobile Banking App.

Key features:
  • Banking On the Go
  • Bill Payments Made Easier
  • Instant Payment with Fonepay
  • User Friendly, Safe and Secure
  • And More!

Additional Contact Information

Chief Grievances Officer:

Manohar Raj Uprety
Tel: 01-4544684 (Ext: 102) 01-4373176 (Ext: 201)
Mobile: 9866298950

Chief Information Officer:

Piyush Raj Aryal
Tel: 01-4544684 (Ext: 418)
Mobile: 9866298951

Unlimited Benefits

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