Business Continuity Loan

Business Continuity Loans are specialized loans tailored to assist customers categorized as Cottage, Small & Medium Enterprises (as defined in Industrial Enterprise Act) and customers under Tourism Industry affected by Covid-19 in continuing their business expenses.

Why should you choose Laxmi Sunrise?

Extensible Loan Tenure

No Loan Processing Fee

5% Interest Rate

Approval of Loan within 15 working days

Financing Terms & Conditions

COVID- 19 affected borrowers

  • Max loan amount: NPR 100 Mio
  • Permissible Loan Amount
    • Lower of:
      • 150% of Annual Salary Expenses

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be registered in any government body holding renewed registration certificate.
  • Must have appointed at least 5 employees (permanent / temporary / outsourced)
  • Salary from Shrawan 2076 to Falgun 2076 should have been paid regularly via Bank a/c after deducting applicable taxes.
  • Must not have availed any kind of subsidized loans
  • Cannot lay off its employees until the tenure of the loan

Required Documents

  • Loan request letter
  • Declaration that the customer has not obtained such loans from other Bank & Financial Institutions.
  • Audited balance of last financial year that matches with details submitted to Inland Revenue Department.
  • Tax clearance certificate of latest financial year

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