Corporate and Infrastructure Banking

Laxmi Sunrise high value lending unit is segregated into Corporate Banking and Infrastructure Financing cells and caters to the majority of the country’s large corporate houses and big sized projects. The bank helps these conglomerates to manage their trade finance, working capital finance, project finance and foreign exchange management needs.

Our business ethos revolves around providing tailored solutions to our customers through our dedicated team of skilled Relationship Managers who work on building and deepening these relationships. The focus on providing solutions rather than selling products has enabled Laxmi Sunrise these units to gain loyalty and trust of its customers and has further provided with a competitive advantage over other competitors in the market.

Corporate Banking Services

Working Capital Finance

We provide tailor-made solutions to finance the short term funding requirements of companies by analyzing the company’s short-term cash flow shortfalls and providing the required funding to meet the customers’ needs.

Trade Finance

Laxmi Sunrise provides import as well as export based business financing to our customers. The customers are enjoying trade financing in local currency as well as the foreign currency as allowed by the central bank.

Financial Advisory

Customers banking with Laxmi Sunrise, benefit from working with a dedicated team of Relationship Managers who help in planning for and addressing their long term and short term business goals.

Long-Term Finance

We provide long-term financing to company’s enabling them to establish and grow their business. The requirements are studied against the customer’s plan and financing is provided based on the ability of the company to sustain debt based on the long- term businesses’ cash flows.

Foreign Currency Dealing and Risk Hedging

We provide foreign currency dealing service through our treasury unit to all our customers. Further, we also provide mechanisms to hedge risks associated with foreign currency dealing.

Infrastructure Banking Services

Long-Term Infrastructure Project Finance

Laxmi Sunrise is the leader in providing project-based financing with the focus on Energy, Healthcare Real Estate, Aviation Hospitality etc. The bank also has experience in providing financing by arranging a consortium of banks to undertake projects jointly.