Laxmi Sunrise Travel Card

Your international travel companion – Laxmi Sunrise’s Orange International Card is a VISA branded travel card designed for smart and convenient international travels. Easy to use and widely accepted around the world (except in India), you can withdraw cash or pay for goods and services securely with confidence.


  • Widely accepted around the world (except in India)
  • Pay in US Dollars or the local currency
  • TAP and Pay for transactions (less than NPR 5,000)
  • Secure – Pre-enrolled with 3D secure feature for highly secure online transactions
  • Transaction Alerts and Billing information via both SMS and email
  • Real Time Card Block / Unblock / PIN Reset / Green PIN through Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money
  • 5 years validity

Cost and Charges as per Schedule of Service Charges


  • Issued against passport facility or other forex exchange for NPR Savings Account holder
  • Customer who have Foreign Saving account

Transaction Limits

PER DAYUSD 200N/AUSD 2,500USD 2,500

Safety & Security

  • Do not disclose the Card PIN to anyone
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Change your Card PIN often
  • Verify SMS/email alert after each transaction
  • Check the account statement for transaction verification
  • Contact the bank immediately in case of any dispute or unusual activities found
  • Before travelling, please test your Laxm Sunrise Travel Card at any of the Laxmi Sunrise Bank ATMs and change the PIN for added security.
  • The card will be blocked if you enter the wrong PIN thrice. 
    • To unblock the card, please contact Cards Services at +977-1-4373198  or 9869496336 (24-hours – varies during Public Holidays) or You will need to send a copy of your passport and a signed request letter over email to unblock the card.
  • Please subscribe to email alert service for your Orange International Card to keep track of your balance and transaction history.
  • For your security, Manual Transactions, where card does not need to be swiped are disabled
  • While handing over the card to make payment please let the operator know that this is a ‘Debit Card’ and account type is ‘Savings’. Similarly, while making withdrawals from ATM please make sure you choose ‘Savings Account’ option. Choosing wrong account type such as current account, credit card, etc. will lead to a failed transaction.

For any card-related FAQs, please visit Frequently Asked Questions about Cards.
Please read the Terms & Conditions governing use of the card carefully and the Schedule of Service Charges for updates in any costs. Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Laxmi Sunrise Bank branch or our Cards & Digital Channel Operations via 01-4373198 and 9869496336 or at in case of any queries or issues.