NRN Savings Account

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For those of you who want to save more at home, our special NRN Savings Account caters to you – a dedicated saving account for the Nepalis living abroad.

Rates & Features

  • Interest rates as per the currency deposited and paid quarterly
  • Dedicated savings account for NRNs
  • Save in USD, GBP, EUR, or AUD


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How to Apply

What you need

  • Valid NRN ID Card issued by Nepal Government.
  • Valid NRN ID Card issued by NRN Association along with a copy of passport (domestic or foreign)
  • Individuals who were Nepali citizens or whose father/mother/ grandfather/ grandmother were Nepali citizen and have migrated to non-SAARC foreign countries should provide foreign passport/citizenship along with verification of such migration.
  • In all above cases, deposit accounts for minors can be opened with relationship verification documents.

Apply online

  • NRNs who are overseas and not present physically in the country
Minimum balance of USD 1,000 or equivalent to be maintained

Other Info


  • Applications for accounts where funds are held in trust cannot be accepted online.