Collection Management Service

CMS is a generic service available to business entities or other organizations that need to collect and manage funds from across various individual entities on a regular or periodic basis.

  • Reminders to the customers on collection due dates, in advance, post due date, etc. customizable to the client’s requirement.
  • Fund collection option available in all bank branches, expandable across the remittance agent network – across the country.
  • Client alert/update to collection available in:
    • Real Time (as and when the customer makes a deposit),
    • Batch (end of day/week/month/periodic interval) through:
      • Email
      • Electronic data interchange (EDI), where we automatically update your database for such changes.
      • SMS alert
      • Or a combination of these as customized
  • If you already have an electronic collection system, we are simply a Plug-and-Play solution i.e. we can easily integrate into your system with no adjustments necessary at your front.