Business Development

Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s high-value transactions are the domain of this department which is responsible for managing the bank’s relationship with Government Institutions and Organizations, International Financial Institutions, Public Companies and other private companies.

A team of skilled Relationship Managers work on building and deepening the relationships with these institutions bolstering the bank’s modus operandi of providing tailored financial services to our customers to meet each customer’s needs. This department provides services such as financial advisory, investments, trade finance, cash management, bonding and linkage to other traditional banking businesses.

The focus on providing solutions rather than selling products has enabled Laxmi Sunrise Bank to gain loyalty and trust of its customers and has further provided it with a competitive advantage over other competitors in the market.

Offered Services

Guarantee against Counter Guarantees

Foreign companies bidding on and undertaking large infrastructure projects in the country often seek Bid Bonds, Performance Guarantees or Advance Payment Guarantees. We help these companies to bid on and undertake such projects by providing Bank Guarantees against the security of Counter Guarantees provided by the company’s foreign banks.

Contractor Project Financing

We provide project financing to contractors seeking bid bonds, performance guarantees, etc. for projects along with providing them with project-based funded credit facilities as required.

Working Capital Finance

We provide tailor-made solutions to finance the short- term funding requirements of companies by analyzing the company’s short-term cash flow shortfalls and providing the required funding to meet the customers’ needs.

Long-Term Finance

We provide long-term financing to company’s enabling them to establish and grow their business. The requirements are studied against the customer’s plan and financing is provided based on the ability of the company to sustain debt based on the long- term businesses’ cash flows.

Trade Finance

Our customers, mainly public enterprises dealing with large and complex imports, regularly seek our experts’ help to carry out such transactions. We provide import-based business financing to such customers in local as well as the foreign currency as allowed by the central bank.