Go'All Digital:
Euro 2024

The Goal is to GO’ALL Digital!

The Euro 2024 fever is here! As the world celebrates the goals on the football field, we are inviting you to score some goals of your own with our digital services. Ready to join the action and win exciting rewards?

Group Stage: Kick-off Your Digital Journey | Week 1: Jun 16 - 22
Quarterfinals: Step Up Your Game | Week 2: Jun 23 - 29
Semifinals: Score with Seamless Payments | Week 3: Jun 30 – Jul 6
Finals: Champion of the Digital Arena. | Week 4: Jul 7 - 13

Number for Missed Call Services:

  1. Top-up (NPR 100); 9851117272
  2. Account Balance enquiry: 9851147273
  3. Mini-statement: 9851117275
  4. NEA Bill Payment*: 9851273862

*For NEA Bill Payment, you have to register via the app with your NEA Customer Name, Customer ID and Serial number. For other services, activating your Mobile Money registers you automatically.


Complete all levels to receive a mobile top-up!*

In addition, THREE LUCKY WINNERS will get a
1-year free Internet Subscription!*

How to Participate

  1. Download and Register for the Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money app from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Activate your Mobile Money.
  3. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn and stay tuned for the Weekly Challenges.
  4. Complete the designated tasks each week. You will receive an SMS once you complete the tasks, allowing you to proceed to the next level.
  5. Complete all stages to win the Top-up and enter the Lucky Draw for a chance to win the 1-YEAR Internet Subscription.

Why Go’All Digital?


Manage your finances anytime, anywhere.


Safeguard your transactions with advanced security features.


Enjoy cashbacks, discounts, and exclusive prizes.


Experience the latest in digital banking technology.

Join the Go’All Digital campaign and maximize your digital banking experience during Euro 2024. Let us celebrate the spirit of football and digital innovation together!

Stay tuned for more updates on our social media platforms and start your digital journey today!

The goal is to GO’ALL Digital!

Terms & Conditions

  1. The GO’ALL Digital campaign is a promotional campaign to encourage Digital Banking.
  2. Participants are requested to go through the campaign modality (as above) before participating.
  3. Transactions/tasks mentioned in each stage must be completed within the specified time frame. For example, tasks in the ‘Quarterfinals’ stage should be done within the week of June 23-29. However, if there are multiple transactions/tasks in each stage, they can be done in any order.
  4. All tasks mentioned in each stage must be completed to advance to the next stage.
  5. All stages must be cleared to win the Top-up and qualify for the final Lucky Draw.
  6. The final Lucky Draw prize is a one-time internet subscription for one year for three lucky winners chosen by our ISP partners.
  7. All applicable taxes (if any) shall be borne by the winners in accordance with regulations.
  8. Laxmi Sunrise Bank reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the campaign.
  9. The Bank reserves the right to call off the campaign at any time in case of unavoidable circumstances.
  10. Contact Information: For questions or support regarding the campaign, participants can message Laxmi Sunrise Facebook or Instagram pages
  11. Privacy Policy: Participant data will be used solely for the purposes of the campaign and will be protected in accordance with the bank’s privacy policy.