Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Scheme

Today’s fast-paced world asks for convenience and flexibility. And with consumer preferences leaning towards flexible payment options, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) scheme offers the solution for both customers and merchants. 

With our BNPL Scheme, Credit Card holders can now enjoy the freedom of greater flexibility on their purchases.  By spreading their payments over equated monthly installments (EMIs), making purchases can now be more manageable. This enhances shopping experience for our customers as well as adds value to our merchants with increased sales and streamlined transactions. 

Join us as we revamp your shopping experience with our BNPL scheme.


  • Accessibility: Any Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s Credit Card holders can enjoy the “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) scheme subject to minimum purchase amount for conversion set at NPR 30,000/- and maximum up to available credit limit of credit card.
  • Flexible EMI options: Customers can choose EMI tenures of 6, 12 or18 months to align the payments with their financial preferences, ensuring it does not exceed card expiry date.
  • Interest-free Installments: With our BNPL scheme, credit card holders can make purchases and avail services, converting the total purchase amount into equal monthly installments (EMIs) at 0% interest rate.
  • Transparent fee structure: Credit card holders will only be subject to applicable fees and interest charges as per the Bank’s Schedule of Service Charges (SSC) under the credit card section if the payment amount is not received by the payment due date.
  • Pre-payment option: Have the flexibility to pre-pay their outstanding dues and settle the same before the completion of EMI tenure to manage your finances effectively – with No Pre-payment fees.

BNPL Modality

  1. BNPL Conversion by Credit Card

    In this option, the customers can convert their credit card transactions into EMI by submitting an application digitally (via Mobile Money, Website portal or email) or by visiting nearest branch.

    Conversion Fees: Transparent pricing with a flat conversion fee of NPR 500 per month, deducted directly from the customer’s Credit Card during the EMI conversion. Please note that fees are subject to change as per the Bank’s Schedule of Service Charges (SSC).

    Conversion Process: 
    1. Shop at your preferred Merchant Location, whether in-store or online (POS or E-Commerce).
    2. Submit your BNPL Conversion request within 15 days of the transaction.
    3. Choose to submit your request at any nearby branch of the Bank or conveniently through electronic mediums such as Email or Mobile Money.
    4. Our dedicated team will swiftly verify the transaction and proceed to convert the transaction amount into EMI, debiting any necessary applicable fees (as per SSC under the Credit Card Section) from your Credit Card.
    5. Your EMI will be seamlessly included in your credit card bill from the next billing cycle, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience
  2. BNPL Conversion through Merchant

    This is a Merchant-induced BNPL conversion modality. With this feature, customers have the flexibility to purchase products and services (POS or E-Commerce) from our approved BNPL Merchants – the list of approved merchants is readily accessible on our Website (below), Mobile Money, and other convenient mediums.

    Once the cardholder completes their purchase using their Laxmi Sunrise Credit Card, the merchant can seamlessly request the Bank for EMI conversion on behalf of the customer. In this scenario, no fees is levied on the customer, making it a hassle-free and cost-effective option.

    Conversion Process
    1. Purchase any product or service (POS or E-Commerce) from our Bank’s approved BNPL Merchants,
    2. Simply make payment using your Laxmi Sunrise Credit Card at any approved Merchant Location.
    3. The merchant will then initiate the BNPL Conversion process by submitting a request form to the Bank. This request can be sent digitally or physically, directly to our Card Services Department or via your nearest branch. 
    4. Upon receipt, our dedicated staff at Card Services will swiftly verify the conversion request and proceed to convert the transaction amount into EMI, debiting any necessary applicable fees from the merchant’s account maintained at the Bank.
    5. Your EMI will seamlessly be included in your credit card bill from the next billing cycle, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.

Avail our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme with the stores below:

MerchantAddress (Street / Tole, City, District, Province)ContactCategory (Electronics, Clothing, Supermarket,…)Available Products (TV, Mobile, etc.)