Call Accounts

Call Accounts

  • Interest is calculated on daily balances and credited semi-annually.
  • Unlimited withdrawal facility.
  • Account can be operated with equal facility of a Savings Account.
Call Account is a flexible interest bearing saving account that requires you to maintain a certain amount of deposit to earn you a pre-negotiated interest. Call Account also gives you the flexibility for unlimited withdraw. Furthermore, Current Accounts can be linked to Call Account so that balance exceeding the agreed amount in Current Account can be transferred automatically to Call Account on a daily basis and earn you interest.

Sweep Accounts

Sweep Account is an innovative saving account, wherein you can have the option of linking your Current Account to your Call Account for any excess balance in your non-interest bearing Current Account. Here the money is automatically swept in from your Current Account into your Call Account at the end of each day, thus minimizing interest loss on your deposits. Withdrawal is possible from your Current Account by sweeping out the balance transferred to your Call Account.

To avail Sweep Account, all you need is to open a Current Account with us and agree on a minimum deposit in your Current Account, above which shall be swept into the Sweep Account to earn you interest. The interest rates for these services are usually lower than those offered by a normal saving account.