Laxmi Sunrise Debit Card

A world of convenience in your hands – Laxmi Sunrise VISA Debit Cards. Designed to offer you security and convenience and keep track of your personal finances, this card can be used in all ATMs, POS machines or make secured online transactions across Nepal, India and Bhutan across the VISA network.


  • Widely accepted in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Make Online or Offline purchase via the VISA Network
  • TAP and Pay for transactions (less than NPR 5,000)
  • Internal Fund Transfer from Laxmi Sunrise ATM Terminals
  • Secure – Pre-enrolled with 3D secure feature for highly secure online transactions
  • Real Time Card Block / Unblock / PIN Reset / Green PIN through Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money
  • Transaction Alerts and Billing information via email
  • Real Time Card Block / Unblock / PIN Reset / Green PIN through Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money
  • 5 years validity

Cost and Charges as per Schedule of Service Charges


  • Any Laxmi Sunrise customer with a Saving Account at any of the Laxmi Sunrise branches

Transaction Limits

PER TRANSACTIONNPR 25,000NPR 200,000NPR 24,000NPR 100,000
PER DAYNPR 100,000NPR 200,000NPR 24,000NPR 160,000
PER MONTHNPR 400,000NPR 3,000,000NPR 160,000NPR 160,000

Safety & Security

  • Do not disclose your Debit card PIN to anyone
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Change your Card PIN often
  • Verify SMS/email alert after each transaction
  • Check the account statements for transaction verification.
  • Contact the bank immediately if any dispute or unusual activities are found.

For any card-related FAQs, please visit Frequently Asked Questions about Cards.

Please read the Terms & Conditions governing use of the card carefully and the Schedule of Service Charges for updates in any costs. Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Laxmi Sunrise Bank branch or our Cards & Digital Channel Operations via 01-4371484, 4373181, and 4373183 or at in case of any queries or issues.

Apply Now for a Visa Debit Card

    The Card is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance and subject to card charges which will be debited from your account.

    We request you to read the terms and conditions governing use of the Card carefully and refer to the current page for updates on terms and schedule of service charges. Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Laxmi Sunrise Bank branch or our Cards & Digital Channel Operations through 01-4371484, 4373181, 437183 or Email: in case of further queries or problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Verified by Visa is a unique service offered by Visa International that uses a One Time PIN (OTP) to protect a cardholder against unauthorised use. Once activated, your Visa Card number cannot be used for online purchases at participating Merchants without the One Time PIN (OTP) that is sent via a SMS to your mobile phone that is registered with the Bank. Alternatively, you can also choose to receive the OTP at your registered Email address.

    Verified by Visa is designed to give you an extra level of protection against unauthorised card use when making online purchases with your Laxmi Sunrise Bank Visa Card. This is also called a 2 Factor Authentication which means you need access to both – your card and mobile phone and/or email, to complete an online payment.

    All VISA Debit Cards issued by Laxmi Sunrise Bank have Verified by VISA certification.

    “Verified by Visa” is available as soon as your registration is confirmed successful by the Bank.

    Online Merchants (Stores) will display the logo on their website (or payment page). These sites will automatically recognize that your card is registered for the service.

    This would imply that the online merchant is not yet enrolled in the Verified by Visa service. You can choose to use this merchant and complete your transaction however it is strongly recommended that all online commerce be done only with trusted merchants.

    Yes, you can register for “Verified by Visa” with your existing valid Laxmi Sunrise Bank Visa Debit Card.

    In case of a renewal card (card number is the same as you previous card) your earlier registration will continue to be valid. However, if you receive a new card (with a new number) then you will need to re-register your new card by following the steps mentioned above.

    If you need help registering your card, you can contact the Card Service center at 977-1-4371484 from 8 Am till 8 PM or email at