Sunaulo Bachat

A savings account crafted for your young. Sunaulo Bachat is designed to nurture smart saving habits from an early age and empower minors under 18 to build a secure financial future while offering parents a seamless avenue to invest in their children’s dreams.

Why go with Laxmi Sunrise?

Insurance Benefits

Mobile & Internet Banking

VISA Debit Card

Rates & Features

  • 3.05% Interest Rate paid quarterly
  • A “piggy bank” gift to young account holders to encourage saving habits
  • Mobile and Internet Banking
  • VISA Debit Card
  • Insurance Benefits
    • Medical insurance of up to NPR 100,000 per year*
      • NPR 20,000 for OPD facility
      • NPR 80,000 for hospitalization
    • Accidental Death / Disability Insurance of up to NPR 500,000*
  • Free cheque book issue
  • Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS) including cheque book requests
  • ASBA/C-ASBA service

*Insurance will provided via our Insurance Partner Himalayan Everest Insurance Ltd. as per the Terms and Conditions


Get the best banking experience with Laxmi Sunrise

How to Apply

Apply online via Ctrl O – our digital account opening platform or visit your nearest branch

Other Info

What you need

  • Residential address in Nepal
  • Copy of National ID card
  • Passport Size photograph (2)

You may also need (if applicable)

  • An additional ID card such as license, student ID card or Passport (if available).
  • Water or Electricity Bills.

Who can apply online?

  • If you are a guardian of a minor less than 18 years of age.
No minimum balance is required to open the account.


  • Applications for accounts where funds are held in trust cannot be accepted online.


If you have questions or can’t apply online, call 01-5970684 anytime.