Laxmi Sunrise Credit Card

A credit card that puts you in control of your money – purchase any products and services with Laxmi Sunrise Credit Card and pay later. Be in control of your finances and enjoy exceptional financial benefits. Different from a Debit card, you do not need a bank account or available balance but you can simply perform a transaction as per the limit assigned to you with a promise to pay later.


  • Widely accepted in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Make Online or Offline purchase via the VISA Network
  • TAP and Pay for transactions of less than NPR 5,000
  • Flexi Payment – Buy anytime and pay per your convenience. Freedom to make flexible payment option from of 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the total outstanding each month which suits your financial plans
  • Secure – Pre-enrolled with 3D secure feature for highly secure online transactions
  • Hassle-Free Payment – Options of various modes of payment. Pay in any of our cash counters, standing instructions, Mobile Money or Internet Banking
  • Transaction Alerts and Billing information via both SMS and email
  • Real Time Card Block / Unblock / PIN Reset / Green PIN through Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money
  • Up to 45 Days of Credit period
  • 5 years validity
Cost and Charges as per Schedule of Service Charges


  • Any Nepalese citizen of 21 years and above
  • Regular income source required
  • Account holders of Laxmi Sunrise Bank with average balances of over NPR 100,000 during last 6 months
  • Against Lien over Cash or Near Cash instruments up to 90% of the security value

Credit Card Transaction Limit (VISA Network)

PER TRANSACTIONNPR 25,000NPR 200,000NPR 24,000NPR 100,000
PER DAYNPR 100,000NPR 200,000NPR 24,000NPR 160,000
PER MONTHNPR 400,000NPR 600,000NPR 160,000NPR 160,000
Credit Card ATM withdrawal is 10% of Credit limit

Safety & Security

  • Do not disclose your Credit card PIN to anyone
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Change your Card PIN often
  • Verify SMS/email alert after each transaction
  • Check the account statements for transaction verification.
  • Contact the bank immediately if any dispute or any unusual activities are found.

For any card-related FAQs, please visit Frequently Asked Questions about Cards.

Please read the Terms & Conditions governing use of the card carefully and the Schedule of Service Charges for updates in any costs. Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Laxmi Sunrise Bank branch or our Cards & Digital Channel Operations via 01-4371484, 4373181, and 4373183 or at in case of any queries or issues.

Interest free period

Enjoy interest free period of 45 days upon using Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s Credit Card *

Month End Statement Summary
Do you know where you spend your hard-earned money? Your Laxmi Sunrise Bank Credit Card month End Statement Summary combines all your transactions during the month thus enabling you to plan better.

Our Credit card is accepted in all VISA’s 5,000 ATMs and 300,000 Point of Sales (POS) in India and Nepal, which give you instant accessibility in this region.

*Please confirm your Credit Card cycle to enjoy this facility.

Apply Now

    Or you can also visit your nearest branch to apply now.

    Credit Card FAQs

    Visit your any nearest or convenient branch of Laxmi Sunrise Bank Ltd.
    It may depend on applicant details and type; but it generally it takes minimum 3 to 4 working days to issue a credit card.
    No, for security reasons, your credit card will be not activated immediately. Hence, while receiving your card, please inform the branch to activate the card and then change the default PIN.
    You can submit our Debit Authority from your nearest branch with details and authorized signature.
    Submit a request form to nearest branch or you can send an email from your registered email with an application and authorized signature.
    You can use different digital wallets (i.e. e-Sewa, Khalti, IME Pay) / ConnectIPS, or you can process direct deposit over the counters of your nearest branch.
    You can contact directly to our Card Department / any nearest branch/ Customer support Center or email to
    Visit your concern branch and submit an application, branch concern will process necessary action as per your requirement and details.
    Yes. However, your domestic Credit card only works if the paying website support NPR or INR currency.

    3D Secure Service

    3D Secure is a new service from Laxmi Sunrise Bank, in association with Nabil Bank and VISA, that lets you shop online securely using Laxmi Sunrise Bank Credit Card, which may be used only on merchant websites that subscribe to services of “Verified By Visa™” (VbV). 3D Secure Service provides you with One Time Password (OTP) to protect your online transactions.

    Now, you can purchase almost anything on the internet around the clock at your convenience. The registration is easy and simple. You can register to 3D secure services by following the link below (recommended) or at the time of online purchases. For further details or registration, please click here.

    Disclaimer: Please note that Laxmi Sunrise Bank as an associate member of Nabil Bank can offer the services in the above page to Laxmi Sunrise Bank cardholders. Service Charges, Terms and Conditions and other aspects of the services remain the same and apply to Laxmi Sunrise Bank cardholders when used.

    To know more about Smart FoneLoan, please Click he

    Security Features of 3D Secure Service website:

    Laxmi Sunrise Bank

    This is the standard brand mark of Laxmi Sunrise Bank Limited as appears on the homepage of the Bank’s website.

    Nabil Bank

    This is the standard brand mark of Nabil Bank® Limited and appears on the homepage of Bank’s website.

    Verified by Visa

    Brand mark of Visa International authorizing 3D Secure Service and will appear on all screens of 3D Secure Service you interact with while making online payments through your Nabil Bank Visa credit/debit card.

    Verified by Visa

    Brand mark of Visa International authorizing 3D Secure Service and will appear on all screens of 3D Secure Service you interact with while making online payments through your Nabil Bank Visa credit/debit card.

    Electra Card Services

    This brand mark of Electra Card Services, the exclusive official partner of Nabil Bank in hosting 3D Secure Service services, will appear on the homepage of 3D Secure Service website.

    DigiCert Inc

    This brand mark of DigiCert Inc., which is the Digital Certificate Provider for 3D Secure Service, will appear on the home page on 3D Secure Service website.

    Digital Certificate verified by DigiCert Inc

    Look for the green colored Digital Certificate verified by DigiCert Inc on the top left to the address bar of your browser. The image above is just a sample for reference.