Laxmi Sunrise Bank has started services under Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) process from all of its branches. Under this system, the applicants’ money for any issue (IPO/FPO/Rights/Mutual funds) is debited from their bank accounts only after the applicant has been selected in process.


Charges will be applicable as per the Schedule of Service Charges


Centralized – Account Supported by Blocked Amount has become compulsory from 11/11/2074 as per the requirement of SEBON to apply for any issue (IPO/FPO/Rights/Mutual funds) going forward.

The main benefit of this service is that your bank account, D-MAT account and personal information is already linked and verified. Hence, applying for and issuance of any issue becomes more quicker and easier.

Applying for your CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number)

The customer first needs to obtain their CRN to register themselves to the service before applying for any issue.

You need to fill the C-ASBA Registration form (available in all branches) and submit the form at their nearest branch.

You will need the following information when filling up the form:

  • Bank Account details
  • DMAT Account details
  • Personal Identification details

Once the details are verified the branch will advise you with your CRN. You can then use this CRN to continue applying for any new issue (IPO/FPO/Rights/Mutual funds) in person by filling the physical C-ASBA form at your nearest branch.

Online Access

You can also apply for any issue online from the comfort of your home without having to visit a branch using online portals upon registration. Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s portal is under construction and we will be offering the service in near future. Customers can register with portals such as “Mero Share” for similar service.

Please contact your Depository Participant (DP) such as Laxmi Capital where they maintain their D-MAT account for the login credentials that is required to access your account online.