Mobile Money

Access your account 24/7 over Wi-Fi, data or SMS for full range of banking services. Go Green with Orange and enjoy paperless and commute-free banking.

For SMS banking, please send a message to 32002.

  • Fund Transfer
  • Between Laxmi Sunrise accounts
  • Interbank transfer
  • Payment
  • Recharge card and Mobile Topup
  • Utility Bills – Phone/Electricity bills
  • Merchant Payment including eSewa
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Fonepay Merchant Pay
  • Cardless Withdrawal
  • Pay at a restaurant or a shop through your Mobile Phone
  • Banking service requests
  • Balance check
  • Real time alert

Mobile Money How-Tos

How to Activate Mobile Money

After you have subscribed to Mobile Banking, here is how to activate the service on your phone.

Cardless Withdraw

Now withdraw cash from all Laxmi Sunrise ATMs via Mobile Money without your Debit Cards.

SMS Banking Commands

Quick Menus
Balance Enquiry< PIN >< space >BE
Mini Statement< PIN >< space >LT
Change Pin< Old pin >< space >< PC >< space >< New Pin >
NT Topup: NT Prepaid:< PIN > < space > PAY < space > NTNAM < space > < Amount > < space > < Prepaid Mobile no. >
NT Topup: NT Postpaid< PIN > < space > PAY < space > NTPOS < space > < Amount > < space > < Postpaid Mobile_no. >
NT Topup: NT Landline< PIN > < space > PAY < space > NTPST < space > < Amount >
NT Topup: NT ADSL1234 PAY NTADV/NTADS 1017 adsl44700123 144700123
Ncell Topup< PIN >< space > < PAY > < space > < NCELL > < space > < amount > < space > < mobile no. >
Credit Card Bill< PIN > < space > PAY < space > < Merchant Code > < > < AMOUNT > < space > < Payment Code >
eSewa< PIN > < space > PAY < space > ESEWA < space > < AMOUNT > < space > < eSewa ID >
Transferring Fund to Your Peers
Internal Fund Transfer< PIN >< space >FT< space >< AMOUNT >< space >< Account No >
Bank to Bank Transfer< PIN >< space >IBFT< space >< AMOUNT >< space > < Account No >
To Registered Mobile< PIN >< space >FTM< space >< AMOUNT >< space >< MOBILE_NUMBER >

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Money is a convenient, real-time and safe banking channel that allows you to access your Laxmi Sunrise account using your mobile phone through Data (e.g. 3G), WiFi or SMS.

The ‘new and upgraded’ refers to the fact that banking through mobile phones can now be done over Data (e.g. 3G) and WiFi thereby making it more reliable and robust.

With Mobile Money application, you can access and manage your Laxmi accounts to perform the following services:

Non Financial

  • View your account balances and transaction statements.
  • Locate ATMs and branches with its route navigation.
  • Get latest foreign exchange rates issued by the bank and stock market value of the bank.
  • Request for cheque book with number of leaves and statement request between applicable dates.
  • Shake to get frequently used service menus.
  • Get instant notifications from debit and credit on account activities.
  • Stop Cheque on real-time


  • Card-less ATM Withdrawal
  • Transfer funds between your applicable Laxmi Bank accounts
  • Utility payments like: Postpaid Mobile, NTC Landline
  • Top-up: NTC Prepaid, ADSL, NCell Prepaid, NCell Postpaid, Dishome accounts
  • Recharge Vouchers for NTC prepaid, NTC CDMA, Broad link, Smart Cell, Dish home and Radius
  • Merchant Payments
  • Load your eSewa account
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Inter-bank fund transfers on listed banks

Data and SMS charges from and payable to your mobile network operator (MNO) will be applicable. Please check with your MNO for the actual cost of data or SMS.

  • Option 1: Please visit your nearest Laxmi Bank branch to sign up.
  • Option 2: You can apply online at
  • Option 3: You can download and apply through the App itself (from Google PlayStore)
Once we verify your application, we will send a confirmation along with your passwords through SMS to your registered mobile number.

You will need 2 passwords to operate through Data (e.g. 3G) or WiFi, and 1 password to operate through SMS.

  • Data & WiFi
  • Login password: to login and check balances and carry out other non-financial transactions.
  • Transaction password: to carry out financial transactions.
  • SMS
  • SMS password: in case you wish to transact via SMS and not through Data or WiFi.

The application is now available for download at the Google PlayStore for Android users and App Store for Apple iOS/iPhone users.

For Data and WiFi passwords:

Once you install the Mobile Money application in your mobile phone, please log in using the Login Password. The Username is your registered mobile number given to the Bank at the time of signing up for the service. Upon your first successful login, you will be asked to change both your Login and Transaction passwords. Once you set your new Login and Transaction passwords, you will need to log in with the new password to use the services.

For SMS password:
You will be prompted to change your PIN from the “Settings” menu to activate the service.

Please keep all your passwords private and confidential to safeguard your personal finances.

Yes, you can access all accounts that you have specified at the time of registration process. In case you need to add or delete accounts, please visit your nearest Laxmi Bank branch to give us an instruction.

When you complete a transaction from your mobile device (bill payment, funds transfer, etc.) you will receive a confirmation message in the notice bar and confirmation dialogue box.

If you do not receive this message due to a dropped call or lost signal, check your account statement or balance and initiate a new transaction request.

You can continue to use the old PIN to carry out transactions through SMS. However, this service will be phased out soon so we request you to sign up and start using the new version at your earliest convenience.

Mobile Money uses 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).
2FA is based on the principle of:

  • What you know: i.e. your Password, and
  • What you have: i.e. your mobile phone

Your mobile phone is recognized and registered by our system when you first sign in with your username and password. After this, your account cannot be accessed from any other mobile phones even if the correct username and password is used.

Message sent over SMS is encrypted which protects against tampering at any point before message delivery.

Banking on the go

Manage your Bank Account on the move and around the clock with the Laxmi Sunrise Mobile Money Mobile Banking App.

Key features:
  • ✓ Banking On the Go
  • ✓ Bill Payments Made Easier
  • ✓ Instant Payment with Fonepay
  • ✓ User Friendly, Safe and Secure
  • ✓ And More!