LxB Connect APIs

What is LxB Connect?

LxB Connect is Laxmi Sunrise API platform management platform to collaborate with interested partners in tech to design, develop, and implement the next generation of digital products and solutions to deliver intelligent and connected digital experiences for customers.
We invite all those who want to exploit the potential of interoperability and API co-operation. Let’s shape the future of banking…

LxB Connect APIs

Here are the categories and APIs available in LxB Connect

1. Account Inquiry

This API is for generating cursory information about the account. It provides account details, transaction summary, and account statement. With these, APIs, you can perform the following:

  • Balance Enquiry – Gets ledger balance and available balance of the account
  • Mini Statement – Gets the last 5 transaction history of the account along with available balance and ledger balance
  • Statement View – Generates the account statement of a limited time frame.

2. Link Account

The API allows you to link your Laxmi Sunrise account to other digital services like Digital Wallet services which enables you to make transactions to / from digital wallets seamless, easy, and quick.

  • Customer Link Account Request – Initiate bank account linking to wallet by customer where customer information is checked and OTP is sent in case of sufficient match
  • Customer Link Account Verification – Verifies OTP sent to customer’s mobile and generates token in case of exact match
  • Customer Link Account Resend OTP – Resend OTP to customer for linking account if first time fails or upon request from customer
  • Customer Detail Verification – Verify whether the details provided by the customer are correct and return result
  • Account Validation – Returns account holder’s name and mobile number if account is valid

3. Fund Transfer

Facilitates domestic transactions of transferring funds from Laxmi Sunrise account within the bank or across other banks. Helps initiate easy, hassle-free payments and generate payment details and status while reducing logistic challenges and turnaround time.

  • Account Transfer with Token – Request Account Transfer where the OTP code is sent to the customer, of which, the token has been generated
  • Account Transfer Validation with Token – Transfer request Validation where OTP is validated and transaction is approved
  • Account Transfer to Mobile – Fund Transfer from bank account to Receivers Mobile number to which Bank Account is linked
  • Reversal – Reverse or undo fund transfer operation
  • Check Status – Check the status of the transaction

4. Others

Includes various APIs that facilitates different kinds of services.

  • Load Wallet with Token – Load your digital wallet from your bank account with Token
  • Cheque Stop – Stop payment of cheque drawn on Laxmi Sunrise by cheque number
  • Send OTP – SMS Service that facilitates the sending of OTP code to transaction initiator’s mobile number

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