Our Mission, Vision, and Values


“Laxmi Sunrise will be the most trusted and respected Bank,
empowering households, businesses, and communities to achieve shared & sustainable prosperity, together.”


We celebrate Diversity and embrace Equality as the cornerstones of our Inclusive approach.

We will offer the best Customer Experience through an empowered team, delivering smart, simple and secure banking.

We will thrive by harnessing the powers of technology, robust risk management practices, and strong corporate governance.

We will value relationships over transactions in how we engage and serve our customers and stakeholders.



We are committed to eco-conscious practices, preserving our planet for future generations.


We stand by unwavering ethics, demonstrating integrity and accountability in every interaction and decision.


We nurture curiosity and innovation, empowering our team to embrace change and seek new horizons.


We remain flexible and responsive, adapting to change and evolving to meet new challenges.


We harness the strength of collaboration and collective wisdom, working as one engaged & empowered team.