Merger FAQ

What you need to know

  • Account numbers for your deposit (savings, current, fixed) and loan accounts will remain the same.
  • Dual accounts, if maintained at both banks will work for the time being, however, over a period of time you will need to maintain only one account of a similar nature which will be notified by the bank.
  • If your existing KYC is updated & complete, re-submission is not required.


  • Interest rates on Fixed Deposits will remain unchanged.
  • Interest rate on your savings will be in line with the published rates in the website.


  • The Interest Rates on your Loans will remain the same as per the agreed upon Loan Contract. Changes, if any, will be notified through prior notice.
  • Your existing cheque leaves, ATM Cards, Travel Cards, Deposit Slips and Fund Transfer forms will remain valid for performing transactions in both banks until further notice.
  • You can continue using your existing Debit Card in all Laxmi Bank and Sunrise Bank ATMs without any fee.
  • The credit limit on your existing credit card will remain unchanged.
  • There will be no change in the interest rate,  billing cycle, and statement generation date.
  • Any other applicable charge on your card will be as per the Schedule of Service Charges (SSC).
  • You will need to update your existing Mobile Banking application.
  • Your existing Mobile Banking application’s username, password and transaction PIN will remain valid.
  • If you are Mobile Banking user of Laxmi Bank as well as Sunrise Bank, you may face login issue. In such case, one of your savings accounts needs to be closed. For this you will need to visit your nearest branch and request the branch to activate the mobile banking app linked to your preferred active account.
  • Your Internet Banking service will be available as usual.
  • Account holders of both the banks will be able to view their Statement of up to 1 year via their Mobile Banking app.
  • Account holders will be able to acquire their physical account statements for the desired date via any of the branches of both banks.
  • Your already submitted account statements for various purposes viz. visa, loans, income declaration, etc. of both banks before the date of the Joint Operations will hold valid.
  • Existing SWIFT Code of Laxmi Bank – LXBLNPKA as well as Sunrise Bank – SRBLNPKA will be valid.
  • Existing mandate and standing instructions regarding automatic payments and transfers will remain valid.
  • DEMAT account will not be affected in any way. If you have registered CRN through erstwhile Laxmi Bank or Sunrise Bank, your CRN and linked Bank Account number will remain unchanged.
  • If you are using QR Code of either of the Bank for your Business transactions, you may continue to use the same for performing future transactions.
  • POS Terminals of both banks will operate through the same Settlement Account.
  • All existing branches of Laxmi Bank and Sunrise Bank will continue to be in operation.
  • In case any branch is to close or relocate due to the overlap between some retail locations in our footprint, advance information will be shared with account holders of those locations.
  • All BLB agents of both Laxmi Bank and Sunrise Bank will continue .
  • Existing users of SMS Alert and Missed Call Banking Service will continue to enjoy the service without any disruption.
  • All existing and future SMS alert service will be from SMS Sender ID name of ‘LAXMI_ALERT
For any further information or clarification, you can refer to : Website Social Media Accounts
    • All social media accounts of both the banks will run simultaneously until further notice.
Customer Support numbers


  1. Much remains the same about your accounts and your everyday banking.
  2. You can continue to use existing Mobile Banking app and Internet Banking if you hold account in either Laxmi Bank or Sunrise Bank. In case of account in both banks, Mobile app will not work – in which case, please refer to the information above.
  3. Customer Care and your relationship teams will be there to support you.
  4. You can continue to visit existing Laxmi Bank and  Sunrise Bank branches to avail banking services.